Wedding Questionnaire - Brides

This questionnaire is to get more information on your wedding details. A few questions will be duplicated from the Services Agreement Form.  Please fill out all questions that apply to your wedding. 


Bride 1 Name:


Bride 2 Name:


Bride Phone Number:  

Grooms Name:


Wedding Date:

Wedding Location:


Prep Location:


Wedding Start Time:


Indoor or Outdoor Wedding:

Number of individuals for makeup services?

Number of individuals needing hair services?



Trial Run: Trial runs are ideally scheduled 6 - 8 weeks before the wedding date.

If booking a trial run please fill-out the following

Best day of the week to schedule your trial run?


Best time of day?

If you have specific date you know would work best for you please add them below.



Bride Makeup:

Please describe your desired makeup look for your wedding.  (You can upload inspiration pictures below).

Bride Hair:  Please describe your desired hair look for you wedding.  You can upload inspiration pictures below.

Bridal Party Info:

Please provide the name and email address of your bridal party members or those receiving services.  


Bridal Party Makeup: Should the bridal party have the same makeup look or whatever they want? Please explain.

Will the bridal party be paying for their own makeup services? (yes or No)

*If split please explain:

Will the bridal party be paying for there own hair services? (yes or No)

Please upload any inspirations pictures for your bridal party hair (if applicable).

Please upload any inspirations pictures for your bridal party makeup (if applicable).


Additional Information:

What is your color scheme for your wedding? Explain the mood, theme, and feeling you want your wedding to convey. (upload any inspiration pictures)

What does your dress look like? (Upload picture if available)

What does your bridal party dresses look like (Upload picture if available)


Photographer Information:

Will bridal party pictures be taken before the wedding?


If yes, please provide tentative timeframe.



Event Planner Information:


Leave this empty:

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